Best Whiskey Bar in Ireland -

Best Whiskey Bar in Ireland

Posted in The Green Room Bar by faun on 24 Jul 2015.

Dick Macks in Dingle is now officially the Best Whiskey Bar in Ireland.

A family business since it opened, it’s now run by Finn MacDonnell, the grandson of Tom MacDonnell who opened the bar in 1899.

The bar is stuffed with heritage, with shelves groaning from the weight of whiskey, shoe boxes, belt buckles and the relics of generations of buying and selling.

Finn MacDonnell had hopes to win the regional award but says he was amazed when they took the national title, too. He works hard with whiskey and credits his introduction and success with it to Peter White of the Irish Whiskey Society, who helped nurture his interest.

-Finn MacDonnell Speaking to The Irish Times.

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